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Jablotool. com Premium 365 days

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Full service package for your camera. Subscription valid for 365 days. Please read Important notes below.
25,00 € (net)
25,00 €
(25,00 €/ks)
Jablotool. com Premium 365 days

Important notes:
Please note that Premium subscription is always bound on one particular camera (particular IMEI) and cannot be transferred to or shared with another device.
Please buy this package directly from your Jablotool.com account, or state in the note the IMEIs of your cameras (use „What I wanted to say“ field during the checkout).
The above mentioned price is the final price. VAT will be correctly calculated and shown on the final receipt.

Premium is full service package for your camera. You can rely on our safe and reliable cloud storage, you can connect faster to your camera and use full potential of amazing features like Web Camera for sharing, Timers for automation and Watchdog for higher safety. Enjoy your “First class” treatment.
Reliable cloud storage
Our cloud provides you safe storage for all your records including video. Data generated by your camera (alarms, status changes, etc.) is continuously stored on our servers. This gives you fast access anytime you need it and safe data back-up for any case. We keep full history of your data for amazing 90 days**. You can rely on it.
Fast online connection
Sometimes you need to connect online to your camera, for example when you wish to view the live video, start or close the Watch mode or tune the settings. JabloTool.com will quickly establish the connection for you. For free*.
Camera on your smart phone
Jablotool.com allows you to monitor and control your camera easily from your smart phone. Browse the records and start or close the Watch mode wherever you are.
Web Camera
We live in the age of sharing. Make your website, blog or intranet more attractive using the very current picture from your own camera. Our Web Camera feature is the easiest way how to do it. Just copy and paste the link which we provide you. It is done within a few seconds.
Six independent Timers allow you to prepare schedule and automate the operation of your camera. Thus camera in your shop can automatically start watching in the evening after the closing hour. It can even stop watching before you open in the morning. You can have different setting for particulars days in week, if you need it.

* Fair User Policy applies for online connection. There is a limit of one hundred connections per month. If you reach this limit, you will be asked to send the connection message yourself from your mobile phone. But – based on our statistics – there is now need to worry about this limit. You will most probably never reach it.

** Premium camera owners can select freely the period of storing records in our cloud for 3, 7, 14 or 30 days. To use the full period of 90 days the camera can be used for private purposes only and the Data processing contract need to be signed to assure compliance with the personal data protection regulation (learn more).

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