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Headset Connector (for Essence)

No ratings. Art.No.: JCM.001.HC
Headset Connector allows you to use wired headsets with your Jablocom phone.
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Headset Connector (for Essence)

Headset Connector can be connected to the RJ-11 port instead of the receiver. It provides two 3,5 mm Jacks (Headset and Microphone) for connecting you wired headset.


How to use Jablocom Essence with Headset Connector?

1. Disconnect the receiver cable from the phone and receiver.

2. Connect the Headset Connector to the phone.

3. Connect your headset to the Headset Connector.

3. In your Essence select Options > Phone > Headset active > choose “ON” (for disabling the headset support select “OFF”)

4. For making, receiving or ending calls please use green and red button on Essence.


Headset Connector is compatible with all phones of product families GDP-04, GDP-04i, GDP-06 and GDP-06i.

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